My priority is safe, convenient transportation for everyone - whether they mostly drive, walk, bike, ride a bus or train, or use a wheelchair or scooter. Our city has reached the point where people need fast, convenient options to get around, so people can get to the things they need in their lives. Whether it’s work, school, shopping or just fun.

During my time at the District 5 Council Office, I helped many neighbors improve safety with stop signs, lower speed limits, turn lanes/signals, school crosswalks, sidewalks, and protected bike lanes. Whether it was helping improve traffic on substandard roads like Brandt Road or improving safety at the Menchaca and Slaughter intersection.

I also worked with the Commission on Seniors and AARP to create the Age Friendly Action Plan and hire an Age-Friendly Coordinator, to help improve transportation for older adults. I helped with the creation of Project Connect’s $300 million anti-displacement fund and a diverse Community Advisory Committee which helps keep equity and the needs of people front and center.

I will continue to work with neighbors to improve transportation and traffic safety:

  • Lower neighborhood speed limits
  • Improve traffic signals, turn lanes, sidewalks, and bus pullouts along major roads
  • Add sidewalks and protected bike lanes along South Lamar behind the curb
  • Implement VisionZero safety improvements and Project Connect
  • Create safe east/west access for cars, bikes, and people across IH-35
  • Support Project Connect, and corridor improvements so they meet Austinites’ needs
  • Ensure Project Connect offers rail, bus, bike, paratransit, commuter, and on-demand (Pick-up) services and will open access to more parts of the city to more people.
  • Locate Southpark Meadows Park & Ride along Slaughter near Orange line extension
  • Ensure South Lamar and Menchaca rapid bus operates every 10 minutes to help people travel downtown and farther north (including the soccer stadium!)
  • Place Menchaca MetroRapid stops in safe locations with sidewalks and shade
  • Offer MetroBike electric bikes to help people travel further, especially older adults
  • Operate Pickup, MetroBike, and MetroAccess services to help people get to grocery stores, pharmacies, bus stops and other places
  • Pickup South Menchaca is already operating, and helps people get to the HEB and Austin Regional Clinic